Why have these real mums chosen Growing Up Milk?

SoniaGrowing Up Milk really helps to put my mind at rest, as it goes a long way to topping Noah up with his dose of vitamin D, as well as vitamins A and C, and nutrients like iron, calcium, and omega 3. Alongside a healthy balanced diet, I can be confident that Noah’s daily 300ml of Growing Up Milk goes a long way to helping provide his body with what it needs during this amazing period of huge growth and development.

Sonia, Mum of two from Cambridgeshire

BryonyI assumed that Growing Up Milk wouldn’t have all the nutrients that Fran needed to keep her going.
But I was happy to read that, not only does it contain vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and iron, it’s a very good source of vitamin D compared to cows’ milk. All these vitamins play a seriously important part in helping little ones grow and stay strong.

Bryony, Mum of two from Buckinghamshire

HayleyI use Growing Up Milk as it contains iron and extra nutrients so I can make sure my daughter is getting plenty of what she needs to grow up healthy.

Hayley, Mum of one from Stroud

EmmaI chose to give Thomas Growing Up Milk as an alternative to ordinary cows’ milk, as it has the benefits of added vitamins and minerals that you don’t get in cows’ milk. Furthermore, Thomas absolutely loves it! I highly recommend Growing Up Milk.

Emma, Mum of one, from Belfast

The quotes above are real mums in their own words and no mums have been paid to appear on this website.

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