Vitamin D

From the ages of one to three, toddlers experience an amazing period of growth and development. Growing bigger and stronger each day, it’s really important that they have those hard-to-get nutrients, like vitamin D, in their diet, to support them during this exciting time. Specially formulated for toddlers, Growing Up Milk is enriched with key vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, to help top up your little one’s diet.

A low level of vitamin D in children and toddlers in the UK is a growing health concern. Vitamin D plays an important role in supporting toddlers’ development of healthy bones and teeth. But, with sunlight, which should be our main source of this important vitamin, being unreliable in the UK, dietary sources of vitamin D are particularly important for toddlers.

We are supporters of the Vitamin D Mission, a public health campaign that aims to raise awareness of the importance of vitamin D among UK parents.

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*Based on an average of the vitamin D content of growing up milks and toddler milks from Cow and Gate, Aptamil, HiPP and SMA