Toddler specific nutrition requirements

It’s important that toddlers have starchy food as the basis for all meals, as they need carbohydrates for energy.  In fact, ‘pound for pound’ (per kg of body weight, per day) toddlers require nearly three times as much energy from food compared to adults.

Toddlers should eat a mixture of white and wholemeal carbohydrates because just wholegrain will be too filling for their smaller stomachs. However, while starchy foods should be eaten at each meal time, little ones shouldn’t eat too much fibre, as it will fill them up and prevent them eating more nutritionally dense food.

Eating different coloured fruit and vegetables will enable your toddler to consume different vitamins and minerals.

Oily fish, such as mackerel and salmon, is a great source of omega 3, which is an essential fatty acid needed for brain development. Oily fish is also naturally rich in vitamin D, which is needed for the normal growth of toddlers’ bones.