Alternative to cows’ milk

From the age of one, your baby – now officially a toddler – can make the switch from infant formula to Growing Up Milk or cows’ milk. This is a big milestone and another time when mum’s research really matters.

As part of your toddler’s daily diet, the UK Department of Health recommends that dairy foods, including milk, continue to be an important part of their diets.  Growing Up Milk is an alternative to cows’ milk for toddlers.

It is made from cows’ milk and enriched with essential nutrients for toddlers, such as vitamins D, A, and C and omega 3.  Growing Up Milk also contains added iron, which is important for cognitive development.

Mums who choose Growing Up Milk still have to think about the practical stuff, of course. Here are some useful tips to help you through the change:

  • Remember to go at your toddler’s pace. Some toddlers switch to their new milk without a hitch, while others take their time. If your toddler hates change, go slowly
  • Make the switch to Growing Up Milk fun and introduce a special new cup or beaker just for milk time, or create a tea party with mummy, toddler and some teddies
  • Try combining Growing Up Milk with the milk your toddler is used to. Start with small amounts of Growing Up Milk and increase gradually over a few days until you’re only serving Growing Up Milk
  • Another way to make the change gradual is to alternate cups of Growing Up Milk and your toddler’s familiar milk until he’s used to it
  • Introduce Growing Up Milk on cereal, if a cup is rejected

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