What is a healthy balanced diet for toddlers?

We all know Toddlers need a healthy balanced diet but what does it really mean?

Toddlers have different nutritional requirements from older children and adults, to meet the needs of their rapid growth and development. While we are using food as fuel to maintain the function of our bodies and give us energy, toddlers also need a special balance of nutrients to support their rapid growth. Plus, toddler stomachs are much smaller so they need to eat little and often. Generally, that means three small, well-balanced meals a day and two nutritious snacks in between.

Toddlers need to eat from each of the five food groups every day

This pyramid shows the types of foods that should make up toddlers’ meals and snacks, and how often. The UK Department of Health also recommends that children aged between one and five years are given supplements containing vitamins D, A, and C.
The Food Pyramid

Toddlers are not mini-adults

What looks like a healthy balanced diet can still mean a toddler isn’t getting enough of some nutrients. Our busy lifestyles means less time to sit down as a family, less time to cook and prepare meals from scratch, and less eating around a table – this can make it harder to ensure your toddler gets a healthy balanced diet every day. Try to eat together as a family whenever you can, it’s worth it for your toddler. Remember to keep trying with healthy foods and continue to introduce new foods into your little one’s diet too.

We all know life can get in the way of your best intentions. Help with fussy and faddy eaters