24 month old development

At 24 months old, your toddler will be taking part in active play and imaginative play, and most toddlers will be able to confidently:

  • Pretend to ‘feed’ a doll
  • Build a tower of six to eight wooden cubes before it topples
  • Identify two items in a picture by pointing to them when asked
  • Imitate someone they see using an object
  • Kick a large ball – this is a great opportunity for outdoor play
  • Use a fork or spoon
  • Run without falling, although this requires their full concentration
  • Use a spoken vocabulary of up to 200 words, often combined into short sentences
  • Walk up steps, while using the wall or banisters for support
  • Take off an article of their own clothing

Social Skills and Behaviour

You will notice that by twenty four months old, your toddler’s behaviour can be assertive and they may tend to protest a lot when told they can’t do something.

Tantrums are common at this stage because a toddler expects the world to revolve around them. If their wishes are blocked in any way, they often scream loudly in the hope of getting what they want. Whilst tantrums are not pleasant for mum and dad, there is usually a genuine reason for such explosions of temper:

  • Releasing frustration
  • Expressing tension
  • Asserting themselves
  • Hunger, exhaustion, overstimulation, boredom

Usually, the best way to manage tantrums is through prevention. Try to make a record of your toddler’s temper tantrums to help discover what triggers them and then work on avoiding these. Ways that can help prevent these occurrences include:

  • Provide outlets for the frustration, anger ,and other emotions that lead to tantrums
  • Avoid letting your toddler go for long stretches without food
  • Distract them on to another activity before the tantrum erupts
  • Set limits and stick to them, even though your toddler reacts against them
  • Be prepared to say ‘yes’ sometimes – flexibility helps
  • Provide choices for your toddler when possible
  • Reward good behaviour – toddlers love praise, a cuddle, or other rewards like playing together or a trip out of the house

Learning Development


At 24 months old, your toddler is now intellectually light-years ahead of where they were a year ago. At this stage your two-year-old will be able to:

  • Use their imagination in play and when they talk to you
  • Makes choices, for instance, about what toys to play with
  • Categorize objects into groups, for instance, put all the toy cars together
  • Arrange things in orders, for instance, fit a set of nesting cups together

Their memories are much more sophisticated and they can recall and recount previous experiences. They ask lots of questions about everything around them. They are enthusiastic about imaginative play and create stories and scenes using toys and play figures.

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