12 month old development

By 12 months old, your little one will be growing more mobile each day. At a year old, most toddlers will be able to:

      • Pull themselves up to standing position, perhaps using a chair for support
      • Get into sitting position
      • Cruise round the furniture, holding on as they move
      • Clap their hands in imitation of mum or dad
      • Express what they want in ways other than crying, for instance, pouting or reaching

Social Skills and Behaviour

By 12 months old, communication with your toddler will be much more two-way, as your little one continues to develop their own personality. You’ll be amazed as your toddler begins to show a much wider range of emotions and behaviours, including:

            • Affection (giving and receiving cuddles)
            • Independence (trying to complete tasks without help)
            • Frustration (when they can’t achieve what they want)
            • Fear (for instance, of small animals or loud noises)
            • Anger (tantrums are common when they are told “no”)
            • Protest (toddlers like to challenge limits)
            • Stubbornness (determined to do what they want)
            • Sadness (for instance, when reprimanded by mum or dad)
            • Anxiety (especially when separated from mum or dad temporarily)
            • Puzzlement (curiosity about how things work)

Torn between a desire for independence and fear of being separated from loved ones, at twelve months-old, toddlers still need the sense of security that comes from being close to a parent or other trusted family member or friend. Ways to help encourage this growth include:

            • Spending time with your toddler, as this increases their sense of security
            • Giving your toddler the experience of being temporarily cared for by others (carer, grandparent)
            • Encouraging your toddler to try to do a little more on their own
            • Breaking large challenges down into small manageable steps
            • Praising your toddler when they show signs of independence

Learning Development

Flower funFrom 12 months-old, you can help develop your little one’s thoughts, feelings, and imagination by encouraging them to become more vocal.

Language is a primary tool for learning and creativity and is important, as it will allow your toddler to not only communicate with others but also help them to begin thinking for themselves.

Did you know that long before toddlers begin speaking, they begin storing words and concepts in their heads? This means children understand many words and concepts (receptive language) before they can actually say them (expressive language). Amazing, isn’t it?

Not only is it fun to take your toddler to new and different places, but it is also an opportunity to expand their horizons. When you are out and about, make the time to talk to your toddler about what you both see, using basic language they understand, and encourage them to talk about the experience as well.

Here are a few examples of places to take your little one to help promote learning:

                    • Supermarkets
                    • Parks and open spaces
                    • Adventure playgrounds
                    • Museums and galleries
                    • Bus and train stations
                    • The seaside
                    • The countryside and farms
                    • Swimming pools

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