Toddler Development

Between twelve and thirty-six months-old, your toddler will change rapidly with improved physical skills, better mobility, increased speech and language, and early mastery of many of the skills needed for life.

Click for more information on the specific periods of key developments - 12 months old18 months old24 months old and 36 months old.

Bear in mind, however, these age-related milestones are only approximate guidelines and there are wide individual differences. Don’t worry if your toddler doesn’t achieve them exactly on time; it just means they aren’t ready yet, but it’s only a matter of time.



Toddler developement

With all of this amazing mental and physical growth happening right in front of your eyes, it’s not surprising that your little one needs the right nutrition to support them during these first three years. That’s why the team is here to help parents find out more about toddler nutrition, giving mums and dads the information and expert advice they need to support their toddler during this amazing period of growth and development.