Growing Up Milk Info’s Guide to Easter Activities

Easter is the perfect time for family activities, and we’d love to share with you some of our ideas for the four-day weekend to ensure you have an egg-cellent time. 1.      Easter Scrambled Egg Breakfast What better way to start the day than a breakfast rich in vitamin D. Essential for the normal growth of […]

Growing Up Milk Info Celebrates the Launch of Vitamin D Mission

During the toddler years, little ones are growing at an astonishing rate. That’s why Vitamin D is particularly important for our children, as it helps support the healthy growth of bones and teeth. Over the last five years, vitamin D has really been in the spotlight, with the Chief Medical Officer issuing a call to […]

Growing Up Milk Info Celebrates Mothering Sunday

Here at Growing Up Milk Info we think every day is Mother’s Day. We know there are times when you need reassurance and guidance. Whether you’re looking for information on your little one’s nutritional needs, or their development, we hope you continue to turn to us and find our resource helpful. To celebrate Mothering Sunday, […]

Celebrating World Book Day – Why reading to your toddler is important

Today marks World Book Day and it is a day we love because it offers the chance to celebrate reading with your little one. Boys and girls of all ages across the UK will be celebrating their favourite stories and book characters today. Taking part in the day which aims to encourage children to explore […]

Growing Up Milk Info Flipping Loves Pancake Day

At Growing Up Milk Info we love any excuse for a healthy breakfast, especially when it’s delicious too! We love sweet breakfasts and with Pancake Day tomorrow, what better way to provide a nutritious and yummy breakfast for your little one than with this all american favourite?  Have fun making this recipe with your little […]

Growing Up Milk Info discusses the importance of a healthy breakfast

At Growing Up Milk Info we know how important it is to start the day right all year round, for both mum and toddler. During the toddler years, you’ll witness amazing mental and physical growth happening right in front of your eyes, so it’s not surprising that your little one needs the right nutrition to support them during […]

Growing Up Milk Info helps you tackle the toddler food pyramid

As adults, we all know we need to get our five-a-day of fruit and vegetables, however, did you know your little one needs to eat from each of the five food groups every day? After all, ‘pound for pound’ (per kg of body weight, per day) toddlers require nearly three times as much energy from food compared to […]

Happy New Year from Growing Up Milk Info

Here at Growing Up Milk Info, we love celebrating the amazing period of growth and development toddlers go through from the ages of one to three. After all, there is just so much to talk about! So, as we enter 2014, you can look forward to more top tips and expert advice on toddler specific […]

Growing Up Milk Info’s Winter Warming Recipes

At Growing Up Milk Info we’ve worked with experts, including toddler chef Fiona Faulkner, to create a number of tasty toddler recipes, perfect for the winter months. Not only do they tickle the taste buds, helping to keep tums warm on cold days, but they also help provide little ones with sources of vitamin D, […]