What does a day-to-day healthy toddler diet look like?

When you’ve got a toddler, there are some items you just can’t get through the day without. My essential items are: A packet of all-purpose wipes and several entire changes of outfit. Perhaps a Spiderman or princess costume to be worn 24/7. Toys that are trailed around and discarded according whims of the moment and, […]

Growing Up Milk Info Reveals Toddlers are Good For You!

Here at Growing Up Milk Info, you’ll often find us talking about toddlerhood and the amazing period of growth and development that little ones experience during this time. Today, however, we’re focussing on the effect parenthood has on the lifestyles of mums and dads. We commissioned a poll that reveals just under half (46%) parents […]

Growing Up Milk Info Marks World Kindness Day

Did you know that this Thursday (13th of November) is World Kindness Day? It’s an opportunity for people across the globe to celebrate kind gestures, no matter how big or small. At Growing Up Milk Info, we thought this offered the perfect opportunity to discuss your toddler’s emotional development. There are many ways little ones […]

Growing Up Milk Info Celebrates Bonfire Night

How will you and your little rocket be celebrating bonfire night this year? Whether you’re heading to the local fireworks display or celebrating with sparklers in the backyard, has a few tasty treats for you and your toddler to enjoy. Keep tummies warm before the big show with one of our tasty supper suggestions, […]

Growing Up Milk Info’s Halloween-Inspired Meals for Toddlers

Make time for some spooky fun this Halloween with Growing Up Milk Info’s Halloween-inspired recipes for toddlers. Ghoulishly good, these recipes are a great way to top up your little one’s diet with vitamin D, as you celebrate the spooky season together. Do you dare try our terribly tasty Halloween meals? From bright orange magic […]

Growing Up Milk Info Celebrates the Family Learning Festival

Here at Growing Up Milk Info, we know that your toddler is experiencing an amazing period of growth and development. During this time they continue to learn each day. The Family Learning Festival, which takes place each year, (17th October – 2nd November) encourages families across the UK to learn together by making time to […]

Growing Up Milk Info Provides Top Tips for a Fabulous First Birthday Bash On A Budget

Here at, we love to celebrate mini-milestones. That’s why we’ve polled mums across the UK to find out how they choose to mark their little one’s entry into toddlerhood – the first birthday. Our research reveals that thrifty mums across the UK spend an average of £7.87 per party guest when planning the big […]

Growing Up Milk Info Celebrates 100,000 Website Visitors

Here at Growing Up Milk Info, we have experienced an amazing period of growth and development over the past few years. In fact, this week we are celebrating our 100,000 website visitor! How cool is that? We love discussing the remarkable time that is toddlerhood and have enjoyed being able to share more information about […]

Growing Up Milk Info’s Top Summer Holiday Travel Tips

With summer officially in full swing, you may have family holidays planned. Our guide covers top tips for travelling with your toddler. Before you leave • Try to maintain regular sleeping routine to ensure your little one remains calm and rested ahead of the trip • Talk to your little one about the things […]

Growing Up Milk Info Talks About Your Toddler’s Emotional Development

Here at Growing Up Milk Info, we love to celebrate the amazing development your little one experiences during the first three years of life. Not just their physical growth… the emotional side too! We know just how wonderful it is to watch a little one grow-up into his or her own person. Here are just […]