Growing Up Milk Info’s Top Summer Holiday Travel Tips

With summer officially in full swing, you may have family holidays planned. Our guide covers top tips for travelling with your toddler. Before you leave • Try to maintain regular sleeping routine to ensure your little one remains calm and rested ahead of the trip • Talk to your little one about the things […]

Growing Up Milk Info Talks About Your Toddler’s Emotional Development

Here at Growing Up Milk Info, we love to celebrate the amazing development your little one experiences during the first three years of life. Not just their physical growth… the emotional side too! We know just how wonderful it is to watch a little one grow-up into his or her own person. Here are just […]

Happy Bedtimes with Growing Up Milk Info

Between twelve and thirty-six months, your toddler will change rapidly almost right in front of your eyes. With improved physical skills, better mobility and increased speech and language, you’ll look on in awe as your little one masters many of the skills needed for life. So, it comes as no surprise that bedtime plays an […]

Growing Up Milk Info celebrates your little champion

A summer of sport has truly kicked off! The World Cup was filled with excitement, nerves and tantrums and tears galore, as teams from across the globe vied for the chance to win the Jules Rimet trophy. And, with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow on the horizon, lots of athletes will be preparing to run, […]

The Best of Summer is Yet to Come!

Recent reports say we’re in for the hottest summer on record and here at Growing up Milk Info we’re really excited about the prospect of summer days out! You may have read one of our earlier blog posts which encourages us all to be sun aware, as well as highlighting the importance of vitamin D. […]

Try These Fun Father’s Day Activities with Growing Up Milk Info

At Growing Up Milk Info we’ve thought of a couple of ideas to help you make Father’s Day extra special for the whole family. Daddy’s funny face pancakes What better way for your little one to surprise dad on Father’s Day morning than with breakfast in bed? Encourage your mini chef to get creative and […]

Growing Up Milk Info’s Guide to the Sunshine Vitamin

Each year, in May, the organisers of Sun Awareness Week remind us how important it is to stay safe in the sun once it comes out to play.  In the UK, during the hotter summer months, many of us are keen to get out and about and make the most of the sunshine. It’s also […]

Growing Up Milk Info celebrates toddler creativity

Here at Growing Up Milk Info, we know that creative activities play an important role in toddler growth and development. As soon as your toddler is able to hold a crayon, they are old enough to draw. Although it may look more like scribble to some, we, like you, see it as pieces of art. […]

Growing Up Milk Info Celebrates International Day of Families

This Thursday, the 15th May, the United Nations marks the importance of family life and nurturing relationships with their annual International Day of Families. Here at Growing Up Milk Info, it got us thinking about the special moments and memories created between you and your toddler as they experience this amazing period of growth and […]

Growing Up Milk Info’s guide to springtime

At Growing Up Milk Info we’ve got a spring in our step! Finally we get to say goodbye to dark mornings and cold winter nights as spring is here. As the days get brighter it’s the perfect time to explore nature with your little one. So, why not head outside and discover the flowers, bulbs […]